Bookkeeping For Dentists

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bookkeeping for dentists
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You’ve got enough to do in your dental practice. Your day is jam-packed from seeing patients to managing employees and ensuring that billing is completed on schedule. The last thing you want to be doing is going through each transaction and reconciling accounts and managing accounts receivables. You need to spend your time doing more of what you love. Good thing we love bookkeeping! We've assisted many dental practices in making sense of their books so they may make better business decisions.

Concentrate on your business

You didn't start your dental practice to run an accounting department. Let us handle everything you need to succeed with our outsourced accounting team of specialists.

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Stress-free and effortless

Get rid of the frustrations and cash surprises that come with messy books. With our dental bookkeeping experts, we'll give you accurate and timely financial information about your practice.

Customizing your accounting to fit your dental business needs.

Why Choose SmartBooks360 For Your Dental Bookkeeping?
Reduce Costs

Hiring, training, and maintaining an accounting department is expensive. Outsourcing the accounting function to Smartbooks360 eliminates hiring and training costs.

Expert Team

To us, you are more than a statistic. It's not just about your month-end close with us. Every day, we work with you and make sure that your demands are met and surpassed.

Save Time & Work Smarter

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you to concentrate on the core business and leave the supporting function to the professionals. With secured cloud-based accounting solutions; we will enable you to have access to analytics on cash flow, profit margins, expenses and much more from anywhere in the world at any time.

Financial Reports

Get timely financial data on your dental practices performance from month to month and quarter to quarter with our up-to-date reports. Simply obtain the most essential information for your dental practice. You won't have to wait any longer for overworked accounting firms to respond to you, or for impersonal bookkeeping applications.

Bye Bye Messy Books

Goodbye to playing catch up with your books. You know that you can count on a dedicated human being who knows your books and is keeping track of them for you on time every month.

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Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Reconciliation, Our Small Business Accounting Specialists can handle it all.

Financial Statements

Our advisors will help you run your business more efficiently with timely, reliable and accurate financial statements.


our team of experts will get you up and running with payroll in no time

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a dental bookkeeper do?

Dental Bookkeeping's primary goal is to reconcile financial data in your practice and make educated decisions based on those results. You're making important decisions in your dental practice with incorrect information if your dental bookkeeping isn't done correctly.

Is Quickbooks good for a dental practice?

Both QuickBooks and Xero are excellent accounting softwares for dentists.. They allow practices to enter deposits, write checks, pay bills, set up payroll, and reconcile their bank accounts from the comfort of one sortware.

What should dental office payroll be?

Keeping staff salaries between 19 and 26 percent of collections (excluding doctors) is a good goal for general practices.

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